Wednesday, December 26, 2018

A Birthday Prayer

This prayer was sent to me by the Priests of the Sacred Heart

Today is my birthday, Lord,
and I offer this day to You.
You breathed life into my soul,
and You chose me to live!
On this journey called life,
You are always there with me.
I feel Your presence in joy and laughter,
during difficult days, even sorrow.

Of all the gifts I've received
I hold the gift of Your Love
closest to my heart.
Of all the friends I've known,
I cherish, above all, Your companionship.
I ask only that you walk with me,
and guide me to follow your faithful way.
Forgive me when I fail You, Lord,
and help me to forgive others.

Grant me strength in mind, body, and spirit.
And when it's time, lead me home
to the everlasting life prepared by You.
Today is my birthday, Lord,
and I thank You for every blessing.


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