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 The Catholic Baby Name Book from Ave Maria Press.  Now available on Amazon: The Catholic Baby Name Book and on Barnes and Noble: The Catholic Baby Name Book

At a time when it is becoming increasingly popular to name a baby after a town or a food, readers will discover here a bounty of names that are fun, creative, and Catholic. This newest book in the series boasts thousands of names of saints from Christian tradition and the scriptures, including those newly canonized by popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI. 

Among the fun facts to be discovered: there are ten ways to spell Regina, the perennially popular name Jayden means thankful and God has heard, and Sophia, the most popular girls name in 2012, was a saint who had three daughters named Faith, Hope, and Charity (who were also saints!). 

Each name is accompanied by its meaning, variations in its form, and language of origin. A capsule biography offers a glimpse of the time, place, and importance of the saint or biblical figure. Additional saints with the same name are also described. The feast day of the saint and any patronage is also provided. Top 100 names are highlighted. While baby name books are ubiquitous, this is the first to offer Catholic moms and dads the help they need to select a Christian name or to find the religious meaning of a beloved family name.

Letters to Mary from a Young Mother available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon as both a paperback and an e-book.

Dear Mary,
I found out today that I am going to have a baby. We tried for so long, it seems hard to believe that it finally happened. I think that I am in a state of shock. I'm happy, but scared. My whole life is going to change...

So begins Letters to Mary from a Young Mother, one woman's story of motherhood, from conception through the first year, as she confides her joys and frustrations to Mary, mother of Jesus.

Perhaps more importantly, Letters to Mary explores the humanity of Mary, delving into how she herself might have felt during her own motherhood experience. Mary was a human mother, and as such is connected to mothers in all times and places, from Eve to the present day. She is a fellow traveler on the journey of motherhood, ever-ready to lend an understanding ear.

I've also been blessed to be a contributor to the following books:

The Handbook for Catholic Moms by Lisa Hendey, available on Barnes and Noble and Amazon

Don't Cut Me Again: True Stories about Vaginal Birth after Caesarean by Angela Hoy, available on Barnes and Noble and Amazon

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