Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Christmas Classic: "The Christmas Box"

I'm indulging myself a bit and enjoying some Christmas themed stories. The past couple days I've been reading The Christmas Box
by Richard Paul Evans. Written in 1995 and made into a movie starring Richard Thomas, I love both the book and the cinematic version.

Originally written as a Christmas gift for his children, Evans wrote a timeless story about a busy business man who is neglecting what is important in his life. When he and his family move in with an older woman to help take care of her house and provide companionship, she helps to open his eyes to what he has been missing. The message is one we all need to hear from time to time. As I read through the copy I had picked up at the library, someone had underlined one line, and only one line in the book: "The first gift of Christmas was love. A parent's love. Pure as the first snows of Christmas. For God so loved His children that He sent His son, that we might someday return to Him."

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