Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Getting Priorities Straight

I really enjoy Susan Hines-Brigger's columns in St. Anthony's Messenger. While the current issue's articles aren't on-line yet, I wanted to share with you this excerpt from her current offering, which she wrote on vacation with her family. It offers some important food for thought. We are each given a certain amount of time each day. Do we spend it on what matters?

I, too, am guilty of losing perspective of what is truly important. If not, would I be sitting holed up in a bedroom on my vacation?

Unfortunately, all too often, the mucky stuff of life seems to get in the way, and we become very narrow in our view of what's important. Suddenly, things like deadlines, a beautifully decorated home, prestige, titles, errands, and other day-to-day things start to take over. . . And before we know it, we lose all sight of the forest for the trees. . . Don't get me wrong, all those things have a time and place. It's just important to know when and where.

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