Thursday, November 21, 2013

Homeschooling Gifted and Advanced Learners

Homeschooling Gifted and Advanced Learners
by Cindy West
Waco, TX: Prufrock Press, Inc., 2012

In many ways, the title of Cindy West’s new book, Homeschooling Gifted and Advanced Learners, is a misnomer. West does discuss the special needs and challenges of gifted students, but this book is much more than that – it is a how-to manual for homeschooling, and a how-to manual every homeschooling parent will be able to benefit from. 

West, a 15-year homeschool veteran with three children, provides an overview of homeschooling and the different approaches to the task of educating one’s children. She discusses choosing curriculum, meeting the needs of various grade levels in one home, organizing a homeschool day, keeping records, and planning for college.  And while this book is devoted to the needs of the gifted, West understands that these same children may struggle in one or more areas and suggests ways to help struggling learners in every subject.

 She also offers many lists of resources and ideas. One of the best lists is “100 Things to Do If I’m Bored” – every parent should photocopy and post this list in their homes to point to when the need arises! 

Homeschooling Gifted and Advanced Learners should be in the reading pile of every homeschooler searching for new ideas on how to have a better homeschool experience. 

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Heather said...

I sure wish I'd had the list of what to do when bored when I was a kid. I'll be getting that book even though I'm not homeschooling any more.

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