Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas: Is this all there is?

I came across these words of wisdom in Barbara Bernard's column in the Springfield Republican today:

But, I am bold enough to say it makes little or no sense to have this holly, jolly, splashy Christmas eve and day with weeks leading up to it in almost a frenzied pace, and not remember what it is really all about. It’s the birth of a baby chosen by God to live not too many years but enough of them with example and teaching. 

Those who are wise enough to understand the benefits of a good life have such happy ones. If our few years on Earth are led without cruelty, crime or callousness, we will have an eternity of peace.
Too many of us neglect to do what the Christ child was sent to teach us – to keep peace in our minds, love in our hearts and faith in our souls. 

Christmas is over. Is that all there is? Not if we don’t let it be. 

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