Sunday, June 22, 2014

Adventures on Ebay - Rare Books for Sale

I mentioned a while back that I started an Ebay consigment business. Recently I've been helping a friend of mine clean out her basement, and it has been providing me with some wonderful treasures and the enjoyment of research. As it turns out, her grandparents were quite accomplished.

Her grandfather was Dr. Bernard Lewis, a chemist who helped found the Combustion Institute. Among the treasures in her basement were copies of the textbook he co-authored. Currently being sold on Ebay are:

Combustion, Flame, and the Explosion of Gases - 1938 Edition

Combustion, Flame and the Explosion of Gases - 1987 Edition which includes an envelope from the publisher addressed to Dr. Lewis.

A Russian Edition of Combustion, Flame and Explosion of Gases from 1968 including a letter from the translator.

And an undated Japanese Edition of the same book.

Her grandmother was Eunice Norton, a pianist who played throughout the world, including Carnegie Hall! She has a wikipedia listing and her own YouTube Channel! I have a CD of her music available:

They also owned some wonderful books! I was so excited to see this 1819 edition of Shakespeare's Plays. I was truly in bibliophile heaven.

There was also this Autographed Copy of the 1938 NBC Symphony Yearbook

There are many more wonderful treasures for those who enjoy old and/or rare books at all different price points. I would love to find these items a good home. To view the full list of items for sale, please visit: Ebay Listing

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