Saturday, September 13, 2014

Catholic Artist Stephen B. Whatley

The September 2014 issue of St. Anthony Messenger featured an article on Catholic artist Stephen B. Whatley. His art is so vibrant and unique.  In his 40s, he converted to the Catholic faith and shares, "I totally depend on God and prayer. At the beginning of any painting, there's this enormous buildup. I . . . am rendered powerless. We're so often told in Scripture that fear is negative and that we should have no fear if we trust in God - but it seems a necessary part of my creative process. Through that fear, I am divinely pushed to look to God for direction. I am at the foot of the cross, with my head completely bowed. That is [my] personal journey."

To view more of Whatley's work, please visit

1 comment:

Margaret Mary Myers said...

I love what he says about the fear and dependence. Thank you for sharing.

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