Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Book Review: The Angels of Abbey Creek

The Angels of Abbey Creek

by Sue Elvis
Illustrated by Ariana M. Krause

In Abbey Creek, Australia, live the Angel family. Led by Mum and Dad, the children include Edward (14), Kate (12), Joe (10), Celeste (7), Lizzie (5), and Annie (2). Written by Sue Elvis, a Catholic homeschooling mother of eight who lives in Australia, and illustrated by Ariana Krause, a homeschooled teen from Oregon, it's no surprise that the Angels are a Catholic homeschooling family! This is a charming tale featuring a year in the life of this family living in the Bush country. It begins on one New Year's and ends on the next, bookended by the Dad's resolution to "do more things as a family and to have fun."

This reads like an updated 1950s Catholic story book and it will greatly appeal to those searching for a wholesome read-aloud for the whole family. Children will enjoy learning a bit about life in Australia in the process and parents, especially mothers, will relate to the challenges of raising a family. Things sometimes go wrong and there are some truly laugh out loud funny moments, but things always work out for the good in the end. This is a fun book, set in the present day, but reminiscent of a bygone era.

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