Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Book Review: The Christmas Quilt

The Christmas Quilt: Quilts of Love Series

by Vannetta Chapman
Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2013

Don't let the title make you think "The Christmas Quilt" is only a story for the Christmas season. This feel-good story will make you smile any time of year. Annie and Leah are two young Amish women, both expecting their first babies. They are also best friends and sisters-in-law. Leah is pregnant with twins, very uncomfortable, and her marriage is suffering as a result. Annie, who was trained as a nurse in the English world, assists her husband Samuel in tending to the sick in their community. When Leah's pregnancy takes a turn for the worse and she forced to go to a hospital far away, Annie stays by her side. Meanwhile, the two women work on a meaningful quilt for the babies and share some wonderful stories in the process.

"The Christmas Quilt" is part of the Quilts of Love series of books. I read another in the series and while it was a passable read, I couldn't really recommend it enthusiastically. So, I can not speak to the series as a whole, but this book was a great read. If you enjoy Amish fiction, this is one book you'll want to add to your to-be-read list.

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