Tuesday, June 16, 2015

For Those Who Struggle with Fear

I was going through my pile of things to be read and came across an issue of Guideposts magazine from May 2014. In it, I came across an article about actress Sarah Drew (Grey's Anatomy, Mom's Night Out) whose father is a minister. He offered this advice to her about struggling with fear and anxiety and it seems like good advice for all of us (if not always easy to put into practice all the time):

While it is good from time to time to imagine the loss of things that are precious to you, it is not good to dwell there. God will give you want you need when you need it, not before. Practice aggressive thanksgiving for what you actually have now. The losses you fear may never come, so what's the point in thinking about them. Rather than letting fears about a future you cannot control fill your find, aggressively fill it with thanksgiving and good things.

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