Thursday, July 16, 2015

Book Review: The Second Sister

The Second Sister

by Marie Bostwick
New York: Kensington Books

I recently read and reviewed the Cobbled Court Quilts Series by Marie Bostwick and was thrilled to discover that she recently published a new book, "The Second Sister." Lucy Toomey is a workaholic political campaigner whose hard work has just paid off - her boss is about to enter the White House, which means that Lucy has a job waiting for her on Pennsylvania Avenue. But when her disabled sister Alice dies unexpectedly, she is forced to return home to small-town Wisconsin in order to settle the estate and meet the eccentric terms of Alice's will. There she will be forced to face some of her old demons as well as learn about a sister she only thought she knew. She'll learn some important things about herself as well.

This book invites readers to think about their priorities and the role of siblings in our lives. Fans of quilting novels will be happy to know that quilting plays a prominent part in this story as well. 

Bostwick wrote this as a stand-alone, but admits she might be open to starting a new series focusing on the individuals in this book. If she does, I'll be happy to read it.

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