Sunday, October 11, 2015

Blog Tour: Refuge of the Heart

Today I have the honor of kicking off the blog tour for Refuge of the Heart by Ruth Logan Herne, published by Franciscan Media as part of their line of Catholic fiction. 

Refuge of the Heart deals with an issue that has been making headlines recently - the plight of refugees. Magdalena Serida escaped from a living nightmare in Chechnya. Sponsored by a Catholic Church, she was able to come to America where she now lives in poverty and struggles to make a new life for herself and her five-year old sister Anna. A medical school graduate in her native land, here she must start again from the beginning while working as an aide at a nursing home.

Mitchell Sanderson is the local district attorney, currently facing reelection. He encounters Magdalena as she is stuck with a flat tire and offers to help. Refuge of the Heart follows their developing relationship as Magdalena struggles to trust and Mitchell gets his eyes opened to a world he new little about. Unfortunately, some secrets from Magdalena's past threaten to destroy their new-found love from both within and without.

There is also a very interesting and touching subplot involving Magdalena and Francine, a resident at the nursing home.

In Refuge of the Heart, Herne tackles difficult subjects with grace. A 2011 winner of an award from the American Christian Fiction Writers, her skill in crafting a well-woven story shines through. Refuge of the Heart will leave you with much to think about as well as with the pleasure of having read a beautiful love story.

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Ruth Logan Herne said...

Patrice, thank you so much for having me today, and for your kind words about "Refuge of the Heart".

I am so pleased that this beautiful faith-inspired story has found a wonderful audience! And as one reviewer noted, kudos to Franciscan Media for opening a door for Catholic fiction.

So thank you to Franciscan and their wonderful staff, and if you have folks who stop by and have questions, I'm happy to answer them. I love talking about God and faith and romance and how beautifully the three can be bound together!


Ruth Logan Herne said...

And I brought cider, coffee and virtual cookies, because it's October! We must celebrate October! :)

Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur said...

My pleasure! Thank you for stopping by!

Best wishes,

Sandra Leesmith said...

Hi Patrice, Great review of Refuge of the Heart. I have read this book and know what a wonderful and timely read it is.

I always look for Ms. Herne's work as she is a wonderful author with true Catholic values in all of her stories.

I am delighted that Catholic publishers and getting into fiction.

Trixi said...
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Trixi said...

Sounds like a wonderfully rich story by Ruth that I would very much enjoy reading! Thanks for kicking off the blog tour for "Refuge of the Heart" Patrice! :-)

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