Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Missing Dog Lost and Found (with help from St. Francis)

I woke up this morning having just dreamed about finding a lost dog. A couple hours later, I was putting some stuff in the van, getting ready to go to homeschool co-op with my 5 year daughter when I saw this dog running loose in my neighbor's yard. I've rescued this dog once before - it lives on the next street (although I don't know what house). So, I try to get it to come to me to no avail. It eventually decides to chase after a rabbit and takes off in the other direction.  

Figuring I had done all I could do and needing to leave, I said a prayer to St. Francis that it would find its way home. I went into my house and checked on my daughter who was brushing her teeth. When I came out of the bathroom the dog was sitting in my living room. Needless to say, this freaked me out a bit. Apparently St. Francis worked quickly. I asked my 13 year old son who was sitting in the living room how the dog got there. He shrugged. (Did he even notice there was a strange dog in the living room?)

So, I picked up the dog and put him outside on my dog's tie-out with some food and water in case anyone came by looking for him. I planned to take him to the next street tonight when people were home to see where he belonged. He spent the day out there until this afternoon when a little girl home from school was very happy to come running and claim him. Nice to have a happy ending :)

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