Thursday, September 08, 2016

At Play in God's Creation: An Illuminating Coloring Book

This was in my email box today:
Do you have your special markers? A comfy chair? Some time ahead of you?

AT PLAY IN GOD’S CREATION is an adult coloring book uniquely suited to Catholic audiences. It’s a journey in prayer and meditation using the vehicle of a coloring book.

• High-quality, adult coloring book blends prayer and creativity

• Thicker paper minimizes bleed-through

• Aimed at adults but also appropriate for older children

• Designed to take you on an inward journey to the heart of God and an outward journey into the heart of the world.

• Based on the practice of contemplative prayer, which is a type of prayer without words, helps people to incorporate coloring, art, and play into their relationship with the Divine.

• It can be interacted with page-by-page or as a whole spiritual journey to be embarked upon with companions and friends who appear along the way.

At Play in God’s Creation creates a meditative journey for the word-weary that celebrates the creativity within. This remarkable book integrates evocative, searching drawings with brief prompts and spiritual intentions.

Color-ers and spiritual seekers are taken on a journey through dark, arched passageways and spacious open fields. They will fill the paths with their own designs, or follow the way of the One who went before.

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