Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Good Advice on Evangelization and Catholic Apologetics

The following words of wisdom come from Fr. Joe Black and are from an article in the March/April 2017 issue of  The Catholic Mirror:

Right now, if a person were to develop an interest in the Catholic faith and got onto Facebook or Twitter to see what Catholics are saying, they'd see a whole lot of complaining and anger, but not much love. In my opinion, we are our own worst enemy.

A good Catholic apologist knows that love must be the only reason we engage in a discussion/argument about our faith. Share with those who ask out of genuine curiosity. Share with those who ask because they want to know. Walk away from the need to win and make sure you engage only out of love and/or because of love. . . .

Always, always, always remember that truth is a person: Jesus Christ. We do not want to abuse truth or use it as a weapon to bludgeon people who irritate us. If someone asks questions and sincerely wants to know, meet them in that holy curiosity and bring truth with you. Share what you have learned with joy and good humor.

Let God do the rest - it will blow you away.

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