Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Free Today's Catholic Homeschooling Resource Guide is Now Available

This post could as easily be titled "What I've Been Doing the Past Two Months." Ever since I started a few years ago, I've wanted to put together a print resource guide. There hasn't really been much out there for Catholic homeschoolers other than publications put out by particular curriculum providers. I wanted something that could benefit all Catholic homeschoolers, regardless of their educational philosophy.

I finally committed to the project at the end of March, set a crazy deadline of the end of May, hired a friend to sell advertising, recruited the writers (there are 40 articles), and then formatted the whole thing all in two months! Since my workday starts after my daughter goes to bed (around 8:00 pm), this has meant a lot of late nights.

I'm pleased with the finished project and hope people find it of benefit.

You can find out more and download a free pdf version (or order a print copy) at

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