Friday, September 22, 2017

The Fisherman's Bride - Imagining the Life of the Wife of St. Peter

We know nothing about St. Peter’s wife, but we do know that he had one because his mother-in-law is mentioned in Matthew 8:14. Jesus healed her and then she got up and started serving all the people who were there. But, what about his wife? 

She provides fertile ground for the imagination and that is what Catherine Magia has done in TheFisherman’s Bride – she imagines a life for this enigmatic figure lost to history. In her vision, Simon is the oldest of her father’s apprentices in the fishing business. She is 15 years old and her father has arranged a prosperous marriage for her to an unkind man. Simon offers to save her from this fate, but in choosing him, she is disowned. 

Under challenging circumstances, she goes on to build a life with her husband and his band of fishermen. When Jesus enters their lives, everything changes, and when Simon leaves all behind to go and follow him, that includes his wife at home who must then pick up the pieces and carry on. 

The Fisherman’s Bride is an interesting tale of what life was like for a woman in 1st century Palestine. Magia gives this unknown woman a backstory and even has her appear in Scripture as another unnamed woman. While this is all pure fiction and should be treated as such, it was an enjoyable story and did make one wonder about the real-life women who were left behind when the first Apostles followed Jesus’ call to become “fishers of men.”

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