Sunday, October 01, 2017

Struck by Lightning - A Must-Read Near Death Experience

Last week, a member of the mom's Bible Study group I attend was talking about a near-death experience a woman had who was struck by lightning. I made a mental note to look it up, but hadn't had the opportunity to do that. This past Friday when I went to Bible Study, a different mom had picked up the book from her parish library, had read it, and offered it to any of us who would like to read it.  I jumped at the opportunity.

Before I could read it, my fourteen-year-old son grabbed it and read it. He said it was amazing and that everyone should read it. I then read it and couldn't agree more. I've read a lot of near-death experiences in my life, but this was the most powerful in terms of discussing of what happens when we face God for judgment.

Most near-death experiences only include the first stage when the person sees the light and the beauty of heaven and feels God's incredible love. Some see people that they have known who have died before them. Some have seen hell. A few reach the point where they are reviewing their lives.

Dr. Gloria Polo Ortiz is a dentist from Bogota, Colombia who was hit by lightning on May 5, 1995. She thought she was living a good life and that her sins were relatively small. But then, she died, and she faced God's judgment. She saw the sins of her life with great clarity - not only the things she had done, but the things she had failed to do. She speaks of the interconnectedness of all people, the power of prayer, the sanctity of life, and the beauty of God's mercy and love. Her return to this life and her recovery were nothing short of miraculous.

This is a short book - it won't take you more than an hour or two to read, but it has the power to change your life. Our time on this earth is so short compared to eternity. We need to focus on what matters in the eyes of God.

Struck by Lightning is available on Amazon but the price is high. It is much more affordable at the Divine Mercy Gift Shop

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