Sunday, April 14, 2019

Ways to Practice Humility

Clearly, the message of the week is humility. I recently blogged about Chasing Humility and then I was reading my diocesan magazine, The Catholic Mirror, and came across an article by Sheri Wohlfert on practicing the virtue of humility.

She offered the following suggestions for growing in humility:

1) Talk about yourself as little as possible. If we believe God truly knows us and the desires of our heart and our focus is to please him, rather than those here on earth, this makes perfect sense.

2) Choose the most difficult or less appealing jobs. There is great humility in doing the task nobody else wants to do.

3) Don't worry about other people's business and don't even be curious about things that don't concern you. 

4) Recognize your talents, gifts and graces, then promptly thank God for them and move along. We should use them well, but the ambition to be the best or to be recognized is not going to build our humility.

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