Monday, June 25, 2007

Following Our Mother's Example

"Catholic Exchange" has a very interesting article today for single Catholics struggling to find a mate:Following Our Mother's Example Author Stephanie Wood makes the very good suggestion to pray the Rosary Novena to Our Lady to make the right decision about whom you should marry. I couldn't agree more. I did exactly that. At one point, my personal life was such a resounding mess that my best friend actually said the same novena for me as well. She didn't tell me until years later, but I am eternally grateful. And so with both novenas on my behalf, I feel confident that Bernie was the person I was supposed to marry. Ten years down the road, even with the rough spots inherent in the journey, I would do it again.

That being the case, I take issue with Wood's suggestion that Mr. Right only comes in the form of Mr. Faithful Catholic. Bernie was a non-practicing Protestant when I met him. He was willing to accept my faith as part of the package, however. He knew he would spend Sunday mornings in Church and that artificial birth control would not be considered. He converted while we were engaged and has struggled with the faith ever since. I keep praying for him. At times our religious differences have made life difficult. I wish he were more invested in the Catholic Faith. But I keep praying, and God works in His time, not mine. Mr. Faithful Catholic would have been nice. Honestly, I didn't know any. I'm thankful for the man I have, and I think that he probably needed my faith and prayers more than Mr. Faithful Catholic would have anyway. God and Mary know what they are doing.

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Lisa M. Hendey said...

Patrice, I'm sure you can imagine how much I enjoyed this article! Thanks for sharing your feelings! Lisa

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