Friday, February 08, 2008

Two Pro-Life Items

I was reading the National Catholic Register today and came across two interesting Pro-Life Items.

One was the "Umbert the Unborn" cartoon by Gary Cangemi. In it, Umbert is thinking about how Jesus was "once a single tiny cell just like I was." While I have thought of Jesus as a baby often, I have never really thought of him as an embryo, but of course he was. The Son of God began his earthly journey as all of us do - a single cell full of potential. To find out more about Umbert visit

And, if we are going to be pro-life, we need to support the women who are giving birth in difficult circumstances. One woman right here in Massachusetts is working to do just that. Kathleen LaPlante began the St. Gerard Walkathon (St. Gerard is the patron saint of mothers) back in 2004. So far, she has raised $13,000 to support Birthright and Springhouse, both dedicated to help women before and after they give birth. Wouldn't it be wonderful if her idea could spread across the country with communities holding these walks in their own communities to support local agencies? Imagine the lives that could be saved and improved if all pregnant women felt that they had a place to go in their hour of need. To find out more, visit

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Kathleen said...

Dear Patrice,

I just came across this blog posting of yours, so I decided to drop a note. I am the Kathleen Laplante about whom you speak.

First, congratulations on your blog. It's a wonderful tool for spreading the Gospel.

Second, thank you for raising people's awareness about the importance of helping pregnant girls and women, who need support to carry their babies to term and give birth to them. It's the first life or death circumstance for all babies.

And thank you for acknowledging that it would be wonderful to have multiple walkathons on the same day in different communities. I'm excited to see someone else excited about that idea. It would be such a proactive life affirming venture.

Lastly, I have a couple links to share. The National Catholic Register article you mentioned is now available on-line at the bottom of the Founding History page of the web site, or here's the direct address:

The spring newsletter just came out too. It's available from the home page or directly from:

I wish you well in your ministry Patrice.

Many Blessings,

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