Monday, December 15, 2008

Jesus: The Light of the World

Guest Post by Janet Cassidy

Yesterday we celebrated the beginning of the third week of Advent, which announces joy to the world. It is a welcome sign with all that is going on around us today. As Christians, we are called to stand in hope because of Christ, who brings light to the world, salvation for all.

The Good News that Christ brings should never become cliché. The language we use to talk about Jesus, such as “light to the world” should not make our eyes glaze over because of their familiarity. When we speak of Jesus as our light, it is helpful to think about the effects of light, for instance.

Light—like the sun on your window—has the ability to highlight the spots that were overlooked during your last cleaning. That same light can also lead you when the road is dark and you are not sure where you are going. We can think of our “cleaning” as an examination of conscience and we can think of that dark road as a particular trial we are facing or personal vice we are trying to work through. Jesus, our Light, brings hope for us as we strive for holiness.

May God fully bless you during this week of rejoicing, bringing you to experience the true joy that comes with knowing Jesus, the Light of the World.

God bless,


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