Monday, January 05, 2009

Oppose the Freedom of Choice Act

If you are apposed to abortion, please read the information below and join us in prayer and fasting January 11-19, 2009.

The Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) will be signed into law if Congress passes it on January 21-22, 2009. The FOCA is the next sick chapter in the book of abortion. If signed into law, all limitations on abortion will be lifted, resulting in the following:

1) All hospitals, including Catholic hospitals, will be required to perform abortions upon request. If this happens, Bishops vow to close down all Catholic hospitals - more then 30% of all hospitals in the U.S.

2) Partial birth abortions will be legal and have no limitations.

3) All U.S. taxpayers will be funding abortions.

4) Parental notification of abortions on minors will no longer be required (regardless of age).

5) The estimated number of increase in abortions is 100,000 annually.

Just as important, the government will now have control in the issue of abortion. This could result in a future amendment that would force women by law to have abortions in certain situations (rape, Down Syndrome babies, etc) and could even regulate how many children women are allowed to have.

Needless to say this information is disturbing, but sadly true. As Catholics, as Christians, as anyone who is against the needless killing of innocent children, we must stand as one. We must stop this horrific act before it becomes a law.

PLEASE JOIN US IN saying a novena (9 days=2
0of prayer ) and fasting from January 11-19. For Catholics, the prayer of choice is the rosary for the special intention of stopping the FOCA. For non-Catholics we encourage you to pray your strongest prayers with the same intention for 9 consecutive days. We hope and pray this will branch and blossom to become a global effort.


marymezzo said...

Yes, FOCA must be opposed. But it is unlikely the Senate and House bills will rocket out of committee in time for a vote Jan. 21 or 22. Where do these dates come from?

The novena is a great idea. Another concrete action would be to take part in the U.S. bishops' postcard campaign, launching in parishes on Jan. 24-25.

Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur said...

Thank you for pointing out the inaccuracies of the dates. This was sent along to me and I reprinted it without doing it due diligence. A further look into the issue indicates that it is not likely to be ready for a vote anywhere near that soon, and there is a real possibility that it might not ever (we can only hope!).

I still stand behind the idea of the novena and your endorsement of the postcard campaign is very much appreciated as well.

Thanks again for your comment.

Laura said...

Where are the hearing dates being posted? I'm trying to verify and am having a hard time of it.

If you'll forgive me for promoting another blog here - a friend and I are working hard against this. Please visit us at leave a message, post a comment, send us an email - help us to get the word out and to equip people to be more effective in their conversations in the public square.

Bless you for your work here. I'll be back!

Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur said...


As far as I can tell, the bill needs to be reintroduced into Congress which has not yet been done. I was not able to find anything that indicated if or when that would take place.

I did visit your blog. Thank you for keeping us all informed on this very important issue.

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