Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Book Review: "Passing It On: A Road Map for the First 52 Weeks of your New Life"

Passing It On
by F. Barton Davis
Pelham, AL: Magi Media Publications, 2009

“Passing It On: A Road Map for the First 52 Weeks of your New Life” by F. Barton Davis was written to help the newly converted Christian in the first 52 weeks of his or her new life. Davis argues that after a new Christian is converted, he is often abandoned to navigate his new way alone. He maintains that “leaving our children to fend in the wild is a bad strategy for any family, especially the church.” It is the role of all of us who are farther along in the faith to mentor those just starting out.

Davis offers a reflection for each week of one year, beginning with “God is Right” and ending with “Persecution.” In between are a variety of important topics such as “God is Love,” “God is Fearsome and Compassionate,” “God is Holy,” “The Miracle of Prayer,” and “Repentance.” Each reflection offers an introduction, bible passages to read and ponder and questions to foster conversation.

“Passing it On” is a very useful book for those embarking on a new Christian journey and those trying to lend them a helping hand. Davis is meeting an important need in writing this book.

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