Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Blog - Spun from the Web

Peggy Weber is a writer I have admired for many years. She writes for my local Catholic newspaper "The Catholic Observer." I'm pleased to announce that she has just begun a new blog: Spun from the Web. Please stop by and offer her a few words of encouragement on this new endeavor.

Welcome to the blogging world, Peggy! So glad you have joined us!


Nick R said...

This is nonsense. If you say you are a Christian, a follower of Jesus, or you would class yourself as someone who subscribes to the Bible then don't you ever read it for yourself? Jesus said, (who is the only begotten son of God, you know like birds beget birds and people beget people and God beget God, not by touching a woman but by his power so that He could be in the flesh thereby coming under the law to then fulfil that law through perfection. So we better listen to what Jesus has to teach us because it his him that died for us, no one else, because no one else was born perfect as he was so no one else could take yours and my well deserved punishment and it is Jesus that says who is going to live with him for ever or in hell. No saint has this position, not even Mary who by the way is not a virgin (she was even after Jesus was born but she went on in marriage and had children in a natural way because as you know James was Jesus brother) . Jesus said "pray to no one but the father asking him in my name". So stop praying to normal men who were saints. They can't help you and its anti Christ to pray to any one but God A saint by the definition of scripture is a person that has repented from living in sin, then prays to God for forgiveness, then gets baptized, then receives the live of Christ in them. That's it. Jesus done the rest because we are so full of sin. Jesus said he came to do three things in particular. 1, to destroy the works of the devil (that's the work the devil has done in you and me). 2, To give life and life abundantly,( that's his abundant life in you not your sinful life made rich apart from God). 3, so that they will overcome sin. (You can't do any of these things without or apart from Jesus). So as it says in the Book of Romans, chapter 5 verse 10, " you were redeemed by his blood (bought at a price, or your outstanding spiritual debt was paid) by the shedding of his blood, (this only pertains to those that have repented and cried out to God in the name of Jesus for forgivness), how much more will you who has now had your debt paid be saved by his life,(his blood brings redemption, payment but it does not save, its his life in you that saves, overcoming sin). Don't believe a man or woman over the words of Jesus I don't care what position they have in this world.

Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur said...


Thank you for your comments. They reveal a common misconception about the Catholic practice of praying to saints. Yes, we believe all these things that you list. When we are asking a saint to help us, it is similar to asking a friend here on earth to pray for us. No doubt you have done so when you have been in need. We believe that these holy people who are in heaven are able to pray for us as well. They are our friends in heaven. Yes, God is the dispenser of all graces and all good things.

I wish you well.

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