Friday, May 13, 2011

For those with Children with Down Syndrome

In the past month, one friend and one acquaintance have had a baby with Down syndrome. Another acquaintance is struggling with a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. All three are in great need of prayer and support as they face a vastly different future than the one that they dreamed of.

In some ways, I think the prenatal diagnosis is the hardest to take. Before a child is born, you do not know them. You can and do love them, but it is hard to think of this "abstract" person - at least it was for me. To think of that child being different and the hard road that lies ahead is devastating. Sadly, many decide that they cannot face that future and choose abortion.

Yet, when you can physically see that child and hold them, your love takes on a whole different aspect. It doesn't matter if they are different - they are your child, your responsibility, your joy. You may grieve for your lost dreams but you will do whatever needs to be done for them. You can't imagine life without them.

On Cause of our Joy, Leticia Velasquez, the mother of a child with Down syndrome and a great advocate for these children, writes of the Perfect Storm that faces children with Down syndrome. All children are gifts from God and God doesn't make mistakes.


Juandy said...

All children are gifts from God and God doesn't make mistakes.

That is one of the most strong and enlighten statements I've ever read in my life.

And that statement is 100% true. Whatever difficulties that lie ahead we must be strong and totally surrender to the Love of The Almighty.

Only through Him that we may experience and share the unconditional love as He has demonstrated first to us through cross...

Genius Mom

hangingdice said...

I think that what is most important to remember is that all children are gifts from God; all children have something to offer the world. Thank you for being a blessing to a child's life!

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