Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Manga Hero

This article in the National Catholic Register: Manga Pope on a comic book about Pope Benedict XVI caught my attention. As a young girl, I remember having a comic book about Pope John Paul II and another about Mother Teresa. They captivated me! So, I know that the comic book style can capture a young person's attention in a way that a traditional book may not.

When I looked for it on Amazon, however, it was nowhere to be found. Unfortunately, it was only printed for those who attended World Youth Day. If you read Spanish, you can read it online for free here: Habemus Papam

The good news is that their other comics are more widely available, including Paul: Tarsus to Redemption (Volume 1), Paul: Tarsus to Redemption (Volume 2), and Judith: Captive to Conqueror (Volume 1).

To find out more about the company behind these books, please visit: Manga Hero

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Eric Baker said...

A little more on Habemus Papam!, Manga Hero intends to release an expanded 200+ page version of the story. They are aiming to release the graphic novel in October / November.

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