Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Good Advice on Battling Temptations

We all struggle with battling temptations - every day. Each of us has our own areas of weakness. This article by Maurice Blumberg offers some good advice on how to fight temptation and win: Winning the Battle Against Temptation.

I especially like this advice:

Procrastinators will like this one: Put off till later the evil that you can do right now. Tempted to fritter away your work or study time play­ing video games or surfing the Web or watching some garbage” on TV? Just tell yourself that you’ll play or surf or watch it later. Then when “later” comes, repeat the process. Do you feel like giving in to self-pity or an angry tirade? Put it off, and give yourself a chance to accept the grace to put it off again. Make procrastination your friend, and use it as a tool for perse­vering toward the good.

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