Friday, January 10, 2014

Aspergers and the T.V. show Parenthood

For a long time, I've been a fan of the show Parenthood. It's definitely an adult-themed program, but I can relate to it quite a bit. One of the key characters is a teen named Max, who has Aspergers. The show manages to make the portrayal of living with Aspergers both accurate and funny. I spend a lot of time laughing because his parents have the same conversations with him that we have had with our older two boys (one definitely Aspie; the second borderline). I  assure you these conversations are much funnier to watch than they are to have, but it's good to be able to laugh about what can be a very challenging situation.

One of my favorite scenes earlier this season involved Max giving his Mom $20 to support her mayoral campaign. After his mother gets over the shock, she asks him where he got $20 from. He says that his father told him if he would just "shut up" for one hour, he would pay him $20! This can only be truly appreciated by someone who has had an Aspie talk to them for HOURS on a subject of absolutely no interest to them.

Also this season, Max has formed a friendship with Hank, a photographer played by Ray Romano. Anyone familiar with Aspergers has had Hank pegged as a Aspie for a while now, but as a forty-something he's never been diagnosed or even known about it. But Max had a meltdown in his presence, and Max's father gave Hank a book about Aspergers so that he can better understand. As Hank reads it, he recognizes himself.  It will be interesting to find out how this will impact his character.

I really love this program for making Aspergers real to many people who might not otherwise be exposed to the issues related to it. I also appreciate that it makes me laugh! 

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