Thursday, January 09, 2014

Book Review: The Chance

The Chance
by Karen Kingsbury
New York: Howard Books, 2013

Do you believe in miracles? "The Chance" by Karen Kingsbury is all about coincidences and miracles (are there really any coincidences with God?). Kingsbury is one of Christian Fiction's most loved and best-selling writers and with good reason. She is a great story-teller with the ability to tie Christian faith into a story without being overly preachy.

This tale focuses on Ellie Tucker and Nolan Cook. The two were best friends as children and secretly in love with each other as teenagers, although they never admitted it to each other. When Ellie's family falls apart and her father makes her move across the country, Ellie and Nolan write each other letters and bury them - promising to return eleven years later to dig them up and read them.

Eleven years has brought a great deal of heartache. Nolan's dream of becoming an NBA player has come true but he's never forgotten the young girl he gave his heart to. He's tried everything to find her and come up empty, but he just can't move on. Ellie made some poor choices, changed her name, and made herself impossible to find. She still loves Nolan but feels he would be ashamed of her or feel sorry for her. The last thing she wants is anyone's pity. A secondary story focuses on Ellie's parents.

Kingsbury seems to realize that this story does push the credibility envelope a bit - the story itself refers to how improbable it all seems, but it is fiction after all, and it is good to believe that miracles can happen. "the Chance" a great leisure-reading book for those who enjoy romantic happy endings.

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