Tuesday, April 07, 2015

You are Invited to Make a Marian Consecration with Me

For several reasons, I've held back from making a Marian consecration. (A Marian Consecration means turning one's life over to Jesus through Mary. The idea being that Mary always leads us to her Son and will always help us to God's will). Part of it is that I've always (at least in my opinion) had a good relationship with Mary. I've prayed the rosary daily since I was a little girl. She's always my go-to person for help. Another reason is that giving up another layer of control scares me. How silly of me - to think I am in control of anything in my life. God has proven that to not be the case over and over again. Yet, foolishly, I have persisted in that illusion. A last reason is that I just didn't see the point. After all, I try to do God's will in my life. I fail, but I try, and the sacrament of Confession is my great recourse in the struggle. Did I really need a Marian consecration?

But, after reading The Second Greatest Story Ever Told, I've decided to take the plunge. Maybe it is because I'm now 40, and while that may be just a number, I definitely feel like I am in a different place in life. Also, I'm just worn out by life and hoping this will offer me a new sense of hope and faith. At the very least, like so many devotions of a spiritual nature, I figure it can't hurt.

I'm using Fr. Gaitley's book, 33 Days to Morning Glory: A Do-It-Yourself Retreat In Preparation for Marian Consecration. He suggests picking one of several dates to begin in order to make the consecration on a Marian feast day. The next date is April 10th in order to make the consecration on May 13th, the Feast of our Lady of Fatima. It dovetails nicely with the Easter season.

So, I invite you to take part with me. And even if you don't feel ready to take this step in your life, maybe you could offer a prayer for me as I take this next step in my spiritual journey.

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