Monday, December 21, 2015

3D Catholic - A New App for the Year of Mercy

3D Catholic invites you to join others in your immediate area in practicing 3 Catholic devotions for 30 days.

Each of the devotions is focused on the Incarnation of Jesus Christ and provides the grace to live according to it.
By joining the 3D Catholic movement, you are committing to:
  • Praying the Angelus everyday at noon
  • Abstaining from meat on Fridays
  • Performing at least one corporal work of mercy each week

  • Commit for 30 days
    The problem many people have with devotions is that they get too busy or simply forget to practice them. 3D Catholic provides helpful reminders and connects you to other Catholics who are practicing the 3 Devotions along with you.
    30 days of practice means you will be well on your way to forming a habit - and a life giving one at that!
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