Friday, December 11, 2015

Book Review: The Photograph

The Photograph
by Beverly Lewis
Bloomington, MN: Bethany House, 2015

Beverly Lewis is one of those authors I know I can count on to provide an enjoyable leisure read. The Photograph, a new work of Amish fiction, lived up that reputation.

Frona, Eva, and Lily Esch are three young Amish women trying to make their way after their parents' death. When Lily leaves the community one night, providing no information about where she is going, Frona and Eva are left feeling even more lost and follow every lead in an attempt to find their wayward sister and bring her home. Making matters worse, their older brother Menno decides he is going to move into the family homestead with his own family, leaving at least one of them with no place to live.

Eva is being courted by Abner, but she can't imagine becoming a farmer's wife. Meanwhile, Jed, a stranger who has come to town to work in a buggy shop, takes an immediate interest in her. But Jed has a secret of his own and an untold reason why he was so attracted to Eva on first sight.

The only odd part about this story is that it takes place in 1980 without any compelling reason. The only sign that this is the case is that one of the characters was talking about Ronald Reagan. This is in no way takes away or adds to the story.  

This is a light, enjoyable story, perfect for relaxing with. Beverly Lewis has once again delivered a pleasant read that fans of Amish fiction will enjoy.

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