Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Book Review: Brush of Wings

Brush of Wings
by Karen Kingsbury
New York: Howard Books, 2016

"Brush of Wings" is the third and final installment in the Angels Walking Series by New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury. The series explores the interaction between a group of angels and the humans that they are in charge of protecting and subtly influencing. The purpose of the mission is to insure that a baby who will become a great preacher is born.

This particular installment focuses primarily on Mary Catherine. She needs a heart transplant, but is determined not to waste the moments she has left waiting for a heart that might never come. Against the advice of her doctor and without telling her family or friends how serious her heart condition is, she follows a lifelong dream to go to Uganda and work in an orphanage. The one concession she has made to her physical heart is to deny her metaphorical one. She keeps Marcus, the love of her life, at a distance, telling him that "she is not the marrying kind."

Kingsbury is known for her faith-filled fiction. Her characters tend to hear God speaking to them on a regular basis, which seems unrealistic, but other than that, she tells enjoyable, uplifting stories. In this particular case, it's interesting to think about how angels might be working on our behalf.

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