Friday, October 10, 2008

My weekly lesson in humility

I've been very fortunate to hook up with a great local group of Catholic homeschoolers. We get together on Monday for a homeschooling co-operative in which our children take classes (and we take turns teaching). On Fridays we get together for a group play date - all the kids get to play and the moms do a Bible Study / Book Club where we get to discuss things important to our homeschooling and mothering lives. I love getting together with them and my children love getting together with the other kids, but I am always faced with the fact that I have nothing to add to the conversation. They all have more children than me so it isn't like I can offer any parenting suggestions. They are better Catholics than I am. And, they have been homeschooling longer. So, every now and then, I try to interject a comment to illustrate that I really am listening and trying to contribute, but I know that I'm coming up horribly short.

I learn so much from their experience and wisdom, and at the same time, I get my weekly lesson in humility. In a lot of ways I feel like I did when David was a baby and I first joined the playgroup at my parish. There were all these older moms who actually knew what they were doing with a child! It took a good two years and a few new members with children younger than my own before I felt like I could help anyone out. Perhaps in time, it will be that way in this group as well. Until then, I am the new girl who doesn't have a clue! :)

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