Monday, November 30, 2009

5 Riches You Absolutely Need

Guest Post by Rachel King -

We live in world where there is intense competition, where we try to outdo one another in the race for riches and the accumulation of wealth. And in the midst of all this, even though we gain hoards of money, we end up losing all that is actually valuable and precious. Life is not a quest for trivial things like money and fame; rather it is a journey that we undertake, one in which we meet various people and whose lives entwine with ours. And the only way we can call ourselves truly wealthy when we leave this world is if we have accumulated the following riches:

• Health: If you don’t have health, you don’t have anything in life. There’s no use of money and fame if you’re bed-ridden or in and out of hospitals for the better part of your life. The best way to stay healthy is to eat nutritious food and exercise regularly. Maintain the optimum weight for your height in order to prevent disease and stay fit no matter how old you are. And avoid drinking, smoking and doing drugs.

• Happiness: They say happiness is a state of the mind, and it’s very true. We cannot depend on or expect other people to make us happy, and if we do, we are bound to feel let down and disappointed. Of course, sadness and other emotions are a part of being human, but if you want to truly be happy, you must learn to let go of petty grudges and other negative emotions like hate and anger. When you’re free from these emotional shackles, you feel at peace with yourself and happiness follows.

• Goodwill: One thing that makes people miss us when we’re not around is the goodwill we earn from them. They hold us in their hearts and respect us for who we are and what we bring to their lives. When you do good for others without expecting anything in return, when you refrain from hurting anyone, and when you live your life without pushing other people down to climb up yourself, you earn their love, respect and goodwill.

• Contentment: It’s not easy to be content with your lot; even the man who has tons of money is not content. For one, he is obsessed with making more; and for another, he is preoccupied with safeguarding what he already has and loses a lot of sleep and peace of mind over this aspect. When you’re content with what you have and not obsessed with besting your neighbor, you know you have attained spiritual and emotional maturity and fulfillment.

• Tolerance: In a world filled with wars over nations and religions and fights over trivial aspects, tolerance is one virtue that very few of us can claim to possess. Only when we learn to tolerate our fellow human beings and live in peace with them can we make our world a better place. It takes a great deal of patience to raise your tolerance level, but with discipline and dedication, it can be done.

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