Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Month to Remember those who have Died

I've been meaning to post about this all month. Meanwhile, November has been slipping through my fingers. In the Oct. 24 - Nov. 6 issue of National Catholic Register, there was a wonderful article on Susan Tassone. Her "one-woman mission and ministry is to help everyone know the whys and the how-tos of helping those in purgatory." Her latest book, Praying with the Saints for the Holy Souls in Purgatory is considered "the encyclopedia on purgatory."

So, then, what can we do, not only in this month of November, but throughout the entire year, to remember those souls who have gone before us. Offering Masses for the dead, whether for a particular person or for "the souls in purgatory" is the most efficacious means of helping these souls. Offering the rosary or other prayers for them and offering up sacrifices to help them are other ways to be of help. We are all part of the communion of saints. Let us remember those who are in purgatory and help them in every way we can.

To learn more about Susan Tassone and her ministry, please visit

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