Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Movie Review: "Letters to God"

Before you sit down to watch Letters to God, I strongly suggest grabbing a whole box of tissue to bring with you. By the end of this movie, you are definitely going to need it.

Tyler Doherty is an 8 year old who is battling cancer. His way of praying is to write letters to God. He has one for the mail carrier almost very day. Brady, a man whose life has fallen apart and who seeks solace in alcohol, is a new mail carrier who takes over the route. On his first day, Tyler pukes on his shoes. Nevertheless, he and Tyler soon become friends. He still isn't sure what to do with all of his letters to God, however. In time, both his friendship with Tyler and his family, and the letters himself will change his life.

The idea of writing letters to God takes off and by the end of the movie, many people have joined Tyler in praying in this matter. This movie just may inspire you to write one or more of your own to God.

This is truly an amazing, heartbreaking story about faith and trusting in God even when all seems hopeless. It is rated PG and is appropriate for ages 7 and up (due to subject matter). As an added plus, Ralph Waite (the father from "The Waltons") does a remarkable job as the grandfather of Tyler's best friend Sam.

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