Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A Good Thing about Homeschooling

There are many good things about homeschooling. One of them, though, is that while the neighborhood kids have had a huge number of snow days due to the extreme weather this winter has brought, school goes on as usual here at home.

They get one snow day per year on the first big snowstorm. They do get to go out to play in the snow when their neighborhood friend wants to play and they do get to shovel, so they aren't missing out on any of the snow fun. But, homeschooling is flexible - we work around it, and still count it as a day of school.

Admittedly, my children feel that a great injustice is being wrought upon them. "But, Mom, every other kid has a snow day. It is so not fair!" I assure them, however, that all of their homeschool friends, are, in fact, having school, and that they will be very happy when they are done with school at the beginning of June and the other kids are in school until the end of that month.

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Aandwsmom said...

Same here! My kids school on minor holidays like MLK and President's Day, etc. as well. Snow days.... what are those. School is with us so we just switch PE to playing in the snow but we still school that day.
Boys grumble and whine but they have a choice.... we school M-Th currently. They can give that up and go to M-F schooling and get holidays off OR stay as it is and get 3 day weekends all the time.
Didnt take long for them to figure out they get more time off by working on snow days and minor holidays!LOL

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