Monday, October 24, 2011

Book Review: "Abba!! Abba!!"

Abba!! Abba!!
by Lynda A. Collins
Trafford Publishing, 2006

In these days when fathers are unfortunately frequently absent from their children's lives, "Abba!! Abba!!" is a sweet children's book about a father's love - both our earthly father and our Father in heaven. A father takes his three children on an outing to the park where they get to see many animals bonding with their parents as well as have fun playing on the playground. When another boy falls and hurts himself badly, he calls out "Abba!!" and his father comes to help him.

Later on, one of the children asks her own Daddy about it and her father explains that "Abba" is the Aramaic word for father and the term that Jesus used to call his own father when he was on the cross. He tells his children, "God the Almighty Father wants all His children to know that when we fall He is right there to comfort us and hold us in His loving arms."

The book is illustrated by the author's brother-in-law, John Collins. Children will especially love the drawing of an ostrich peering out at them from the pages of the book! There is also great beauty in the image of God holding us in the palm of his hand. This would be a lovely book to read aloud with a child to help share with them the depth of our Father's love.

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seashore said...

Thank you for this review. Recently I have been reflecting on the Our Father prayer and what this concept of God as our Father might seem like to someone who doesn't have a father figure in their life. This book seems like it would be a perfect way to introduce this idea to a child. Thanks

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