Friday, October 21, 2011

A Second Look . .

I recently was sent a paperback copy of Simple Ways: Towards the Sacred. As I flipped through it, it seemed a bit familiar, but a cursory search on my blog didn't bring up a review, so I set to work to read it. As it turns out, I had read it before and found the old post today:
Simple Ways Toward the Sacred, but I'm not sorry that I took the time to read it again.

It has been well over three years since I last spent time with this book. My life is very different now. As a result, I brought a different perspective to its pages. Its reminders to focus on the simple things in life are always important, but perhaps never moreso than when we are crazy busy and there seems little time to breathe or appreciate much of everything. Life becomes a series of tasks before we succumb to sleep only to have to get up the next day and do it all again.

Gunilla Norris emphasizes the gift of our bodies, our senses, our dwelling places, and the objects that surround us. How much do we value these "simple" gifts? How often do we take them for granted?

We can choose to be mindful. We can choose to appreciate. We can choose to be grateful to God for all of His gifts. These are the important messages contained in the pages of "Simple Ways Toward the Sacred."

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