Friday, October 07, 2011

Let Go and Let God

I really like this column by Judy Diditch on Catholic Mom: Let Go and Let God. Here is an excerpt:

Recently, in the question and answer segment of an online talk I was giving to a group of homeschooling mothers, a mom asked me how we can know when we are supposed to be “proactive” as opposed to “letting go and letting God”. . .

As I explained to that beautiful mother, there is a difference, and a fine line at that, between being “proactive” as in “steadfast and diligent and persistent in prayer and service” and “proactive” as in “trying to affect change and bring about a certain result”.

The latter is not in our domain. Results belong to God and God alone.
The former, however, is exactly where our hearts need to be and that is that we trust, pray, and persist with confidence, knowing that the Lord will meet our needs and that He will always manifest His goodness in our lives.

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