Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Motherhood Matters

The past couple weeks, I've been reading Motherhood Matters by Dorothy Pilarski. I first "met" Dorothy some time ago when she asked permission to use one of my articles in this book. I happily agreed. Since then, I featured some of her articles on Catholic Exchange and hope to do so on Catholic Lane as well. She is a Canadian mother, writer, television personality, speaker and consultant. Her columns are always thought-provoking.

This book is a collection of her essays (and one of mine!) reflecting on motherhood and life as a woman in this century. As she is Canadian, some of the references will seem strange to American women. For example, she expresses sorrow at the fact many women return to work after their one year of maternity leave. Sadly, six weeks is the norm here. How I wish we had such family-friendly policies!

While she touches on many other topics (my own article is about looking back at our life of prayer), her primary argument and purpose in writing the book is to encourage mothers to stay home with their children as much as possible and nurture the bond that exists between mother and child. Stay-at-home mothers will feel appreciated, vindicated, and renewed in their commitment to their vocation.

Motherhood Matters can be found at CatholicRegister.org

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