Thursday, November 17, 2011

Prayer for Caregivers and Care-receivers

I was going through my prayer drawer the other day and came across these two prayers, which had been sent to me from the Friends of St. John the Caregiver. I had never thought of a prayer for care-receivers, but truly, often it is harder to receive help than to give it (at least for me).

Prayer to St. John, Patron of Caregivers

Beloved St. John, from the cross Jesus entrusted to you the care of His Blessed Mother. Help me and all those taking care of a loved one who is sick, elderly, disabled or frail.

Pray for us, that as we go about our many caregiving duties, we may never lose sight of that truth which Christ revealed to His disciples: "Whatever you did for one of these, you did for Me." Amen.

Prayer to Our Lady in Need, Patroness of Care-Receivers

My Dear Mother, as you stood at the foot of the cross in need of help, your Son asked St. John to become your caregiver. Be with me now in my time of need. Pray for me and for all care-receivers, that we can accept assistance from others as gratefully and graciously as you did. Amen.

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