Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Praising God for Our Problems

This was today's Living Faith reflection by Fr. Mitch Pacwa from his book: How to Listen When God Is Speaking: A Guide for Modern-Day Catholics

When we are upset, anxious and complaining about our problems, we are like a parked car. Our Lord can redirect us, but we resist his efforts. However, when we begin praising the Lord for our difficulties, then we are like that car in motion. Praising God for our problems and not despite them does not mean that we necessarily feel elated, giddy, or happy about those problems. We may still feel the same sadness and grief for the difficulty. However, despite our feeling, we can make an act of the will to praise God anyway. The act of the will is what our Lord can more easily redirect. Eventually both peace and joy will return, but they will come not just because we may have gotten what we wanted but because we see God present and active in our lives.

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