Monday, May 05, 2014

Book Review: Chicken Soup for the Soul - Angels Among Us

The Chicken Soup for the Soul Series is known for its heart-wrenching and uplifting stories and this installment, Angels Among Us, is no exception. For the purposes of this book, an "angel" is any unexplained person or being who comes to help - be it someone who has died, an animal, or the higher-order beings we usually refer to as angels.

I enjoy reading stories about angels as evidence that God is with us. I firmly believe that we each have a guardian angel, or perhaps a team of them, who watch over us. While, to my knowledge, I have never seen my own with my eyes, I have certainly had experiences where I'm confident my angel has intervened.

The individuals who share their stories in these pages have had lost items returned to them by people who did not have their name or address, been driven by a bus driver not known by the bus company on a bus route that did not exist, experienced the peace of God by a tangible reminder after the loss of a child, been miraculously healed by a stranger, and have experienced visits and warnings from loved ones who have crossed the veil into eternity.

I do not know why God intervenes in some cases and not in others, but these stories are reminders that we are not alone as we make our way through this life. With 101 stories, this is a great book to read a couple of stories at a time when one needs to be uplifted.

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