Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Book Review: Sarah's Choice

Sarah's Choice
by Rebecca St. James and Nancy Rue
Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2014

Sarah lives in a run-down apartment, has a car that is on its last legs, and is trying to pay off the bills from her father's death. Her boyfriend of a year and a half, Matt, is good to her, but she is focused on her career right now and trying to improve her lot in life. Finally, it looks like her luck might be turning. Under the tutelage of her mentor Megan, she is up for a huge promotion at work to take over for the hugely pregnant Audrey who most likely won't be returning. It goes without saying that this is not a job geared for someone with a young child. Yes, all is going great until Sarah realizes her constant sick stomach isn't due to the flu. When she realizes she is pregnant, she has a huge decision to make.

If she keeps the baby, she will lose her promotion and has no idea how she will support the child. Everyone at work, except for Audrey, tells her to abort, but will she be able to live with herself. Complicating matters is her strained relationship with God and her mother's mental instability.

Sarah's Choice deals well with the fear that a young woman can experience with an unplanned pregnancy. It is very pro-life, pro-family Christian fiction with a storyline that will keep you reading.

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elisabetta modena said...

Hi! I'm catholic mum too! (from Italy)
It's a very beautuful book! It 'a shame that these novels are not translated into Italian :-(

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