Saturday, May 09, 2015

Book Review: Talkers, Watchers, and Doers

Talkers, Watchers, and Doers: Unlocking Your Child's Unique Learning Style (School Savvy Kids)
by Cheri Fuller
Colorado: Pinon Press, 2004

As an educator, whether in a classroom or in your own home, it can be a challenge to understand children who learn differently from you. "Talkers, Watchers, and Doers: Unlocking Your Child's Unique Learning Style" by Cheri Fuller helps explain the different ways individuals learn and then how to help educate or advocate for these children.

Most people have one main area of strength - either auditory (talkers), visual (watchers), or kinesthetic (doers), with another area being a secondary way of learning. Fuller offers ways of identifying how someone learns as well as concrete ways of helping that person learn.

Fuller also discusses how to best develop your child's talents and gifts and how to handle weaknesses so that they don't block strengths. The last chapter on learning-different people who achieved great things is inspirational and worth having a child who is struggling read (or reading it to them).

This is a slim volume packed with quality information. I heartily recommend it to anyone having a hard time trying to figure out how a child learns or how best to educate a struggling child.

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