Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Help Support the Sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield

The Sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield have come on hard times. These Sisters were the founding congregation in 51 schools and taught in 12 others. They founded 14 non-school ministries and devoted more than 43,000 total years in service to God and those in need. For much of that time, the Sisters were not paid at all or paid very little.

I was educated by some of these Sisters at Holyoke Catholic High School and Elms College and am incredibly thankful for their influence and example.

Now, many are retired or infirm. They recently sold their Motherhouse to raise funds and many of their sisters moved in with sisters of other communities. Even given these measures, they still need to raise $5 million to support the Sisters who are remaining as they age. These women gave so much to others. Now it is our turn to help them.

Please give whatever you can: http://www.ssjspringfield.org/partnerwithus/makeagift/supportthesisters/

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